Car Storage Options

If you’ve got a car and nowhere to put it, you’ve got some options. Some are expensive and others not so much, some you can do by yourself and some you probably should not try. I’ll give you some ideas here and you can figure out if any of these options are right for you.

The simplest option is a good old-fashioned driveway. There are a variety of materials you can use to pave a driveway to keep your vehicle on. Gravel, bricks, pavers, or regular old asphalt work just fine. Some places near beaches will even use crushed shells. Depending on where you live, the material you use might take a beating. For example, if you live somewhere that the asphalt will get below freezing in winter and the mercury goes over 100 degrees in the summer, you might need to resurface it every other year or so.

If you want some shelter to protect your vehicle, however, a driveway’s not really going to cut it. Another option that will at least keep it out of the elements is the carport. A carport essentially covers a portion of your driveway to provide some protection from things like rain, hail, and snow. They usually only have a roof overhead, although some also have at least one wall (usually an external house wall). These can be some of your cheapest options because they aren’t always the most durable solutions. You can get the type that you put on poles and has corrugated metal on top – these are pretty reasonably priced and can go up quick, but a good wind or heavy snow might wreck ‘em. It’s best to cement the posts in for added stability. The good thing here is that most places will not require you to get a building permit for this, as it is not attached to your house. However, you can build something more permanent, either through denser and more sturdy materials or by attaching it to your house. Extending your roof over your driveway doesn’t cost as much as a full addition, and it looks nicer than the metal version of a carport. If you’ve got some space on both sides of your driveway, or the driveway runs against an external wall of your house, you might be able to add in a carport pretty reasonably and without being all that time-consuming.

However, you may want more protection than that, and then you’re gonna need a garage. A garage will protect your car from all the elements, except maybe heat. Some people have the garage attached to the house and others find a separate building works better for them. If the garage is to be attached to your house, there can be some costs involved. Often people will add in extra space above the garage, either as a loft space, an apartment, or even just for storage. The best thing to do is work with your original home design so that the garage looks like it was always there. I really recommend hiring a contractor and doing a garage addition the right way, as there will be permits and building codes and the like. If you’re going to do the detached garage, there are pole buildings, detached garage kits, and some other good DIY options. Or you can hire a builder to do it for you.

I hope this has given you some good ideas on what to do if you’re looking to get your car off the curb and onto your own property.