Make Your Water Heater Last Longer

I am happy to give advice on most any subject that interests homeowners and would-be builders. Today I will start small and offer my opinion on water heaters and some of their most annoying problems. For one thing, they can go off, leak, or cost an arm and leg to repair. They take regular maintenance. If you don’t have the knack, get on a plumber’s schedule. It will save a lot of grief in the long run. Nothing good comes from neglect.

While the old non-computerized models were simpler and easier to fix, they could overheat because you didn’t program them to the appropriate temperature. They are more reliable now in this regard. If you have been having more than your fair share of problems, it may be time to go high tech, according to Greg Mattson from Tankless Center. Otherwise, you may be facing scalding water from the tap that makes washing dishes impossible. Forget tap drinking water. There could be pressure issue inside your tank.

To troubleshoot this prevalent issue, be sure you understand the dial indicator on your unit and what temperature is suitable for a family home. A restaurant might have a different preference. Sometimes excess minerals in hard water accumulate in the tank, making it difficult for the appliance to function. As the heater warms the water, the minerals can start to clump and coat the heating elements. Regular servicing to reduce sediment will help diminish the problem. If you don’t attend to it, the elements may burn out.

To prevent overheating, you also need to check the pressure valve and thermostat. The shut off button must work properly should overheating occur. The valve allows steam to escape in the event of a boiling water level. Everything is designed to work in harmony, so make sure your system is up to snuff.